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Παγκόσμια Εταιρική Κοινωνική Ευθύνη

As a forward-thinking business, we’re committed to playing an active role in the communities in which we operate.

We are always striving to create and maintain excellent community relations and to make a positive impact, which is why we invest considerable resources in addressing key issues which affect our communities and our business alike.

Jaguar Land Rover’s global Corporate Social Responsibility programme has been radically restructured to create opportunities for 12 million people in our local and global communities by 2020. It operates through projects in areas such as Education, Design, Technology & Talent, Environment & Conservation, and Humanitarian & Health.

Αυτή είναι μια συνεχής δέσμευση. Καθώς επεκτείνουμε την παραγωγή μας σε νέες περιοχές όπως η Κίνα, φιλοδοξούμε η συμμετοχή της κοινότητας να διαδραματίζει καθοριστικό ρόλο στην επιχειρηματική στρατηγική μας.